Technical Services & Support

Technical service is an important part of the marketing of surface coatings and there is an increasing need for control of surface preparation and application of coatings, especially during large projects. The best coatings available are liable to premature failure if they are not carefully and properly applied.


The roles of the Technical Service Inspector are many but can be summarized as follows:

  • Inspection of the surfaces to be painted
  • Advising on product use and handling
  • Assessing the product quality when delivered to site
  • Assessing the suitability of atmospheric conditions during application
  • Keeping adequate records for future reference


Berger Technical Services Representatives carry a full set of equipment to ensure that the necessary tests can be performed on site. These tests enable a customer to have the confidence that the conditions are suitable for the application of the coating that have been purchased and that the coating has been applied at the correct film thickness. There are many tests that are performed including:


  • Inspection of the standard of surface preparation
  • Wet Film Thickness
  • Dry Film Thickness
  • Relative Humidity Determination
  • Dew Point Calculation
  • Surface Profile
  • Surface Temperature
  • Adhesion Tests
  • “Holiday” Detection